About Us

We are a locally owned shoe store and have been providing services in the Matanuska Valley  since 2008. We believe in building relationships and community involvement (link to events here).

We know everyone has unique needs and we are committed to serving each and every one of our customers to the best of our ability. Our employees are trained by owner Anne Thomas, doctor of physical therapy and certified pedorthist ensuring quality fitting and appropriate shoe choices.

Our Staff

Anne Thomas
Owner, Certified Pedorthist

Dr. of Physical Therapy: Likes camping with her boys, giving back to the community and is perfectly capable of fitting 30 hours into a 24-hr window with energy to spare.


Likes sunny mountain naps, chocolate for breakfast and awkward moments


Runs like a strong katabatic wind, she likes playing hockey and hanging with her dogs


Likes to support runner's dreams, log more miles than you thought possible and can consistently be heard saying "it'll be fine"


She digs dogs, crushes camping and bends barbells


Xavier is a cow fanatic hailing from Wisconsin. He is like an all terrain vehicle- he will throw down speedy miles anywhere!


Jeremy, contrary to popular belief, does not have a mullet. He likes sports of all sorts and catching many fish is his grand wish.


Deakan has a green thumb, dirty trail shoes and smelly ski boots.

Corbin Wilson

Likes alpine ski racing, running up and down mountains fast and spending time on the water with family

Winter W

She could live off of peanut butter, is happiest flying and loves her doggo