Trippy Trails 5k




¡ No Siesta! ¡Let’s Fiesta! 10k




Sassy Solstice 5k




Red, White & Blueberry 5k




Grindn’ to Gov 8 miles






April – August

Although we will suggest a certain trail each month,  you can complete the course AFTER that designated month. So you have until August to sign up and get all five races in! Whoohoo.

Suggested Trails


 Crevasse Moraine




Matanuska Lake




 Pick Your Own




Government Peak Recreation Area (Blueberry Knoll)




Summit Lake/ Government Peak


$100 for all 5 races


All Participants will receive a Brooks Tech T-shirt* and A SWEET wooden medal that is a piece of the puzzle (complete all 5 races and complete the puzzle).

*Participants will only receive ONE shirt for the entire race series.


Pick up your medal following each race at AKtive Soles during store hours. You do not need an appointment, but please be sure to wear a mask and follow all guidelines listed on the AKtive Soles door.