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  • Veins of Gold at Government Peak Recreation Area

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    Veins of Gold at Government Peak Recreation Area

    Aug 17th 09:00 AM

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    Government Peak Recreation Area
    10690 N Mountain Trails Dr
    Palmer AK, 99645

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    Starting at Government Peak Recreation Area runners will make their way up Government Peak via the race trail. Once to the top of Government Peak participants will continue to follow the ridge line over to April Bowl and down to the Summit Lake Parking lot. Once at the parking lot runners will continue down the road to Independence Mine!

    The race itself is about 9ish miles with around 5,000 ft vertical gain.

    This race is challenging and covers a variety of terrain including steep uphill trail, loose rock, shale, tundra, dirt road and a tiny portion of paved road at the very end. Weather and conditions can change the terrain very quickly making it more difficult/dangerous. It is ultimately the responsibility of the participant to be aware of their surroundings.


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