August 3rd,  2024





50 Mile & 50 Mile Relay:
5:00am start
at Hatcher Pass Lodge (Red A Frame Cabins)

Marathon & Marathon Relay:
9:00am start
at N. Shirley Towne Dr, Willow.

Early Bib Pick Up:
Thursday, August 1st from 5:00PM – 7:00PM
at AKtive Soles Wasilla
(984 N Meridian Pl, Suite B)

Race Day Bib Pick Up:
50 Mile/Relay: 4:00AM @ A Frame Cabins
Marathon/Relay: 8:00 AM @ the start line at N Shirley Towne Drive.



Marathon/Relay Start: near the intersection of Willow Fishhook Rd and Shirley Towne Drive.

50 Mile/Relay Start: Hatcher Pass Lodge (Red A Frame Cabins)

End for all races: Hatcher Pass Lodge (Red A Frame Cabins)


The Hatcher Pass Marathon and Relay is a mountainous run starting in Willow, Alaska. The route follows Hatcher Pass Rd all the way over the summit, and finishes at Independence Mine Parking Area.

The course has a total elevation gain of 4,943ft, the last mile includes a steep downhill, and then one last uphill push to the finish line.  Approximately 20 miles is on gravel road, the rest on pavement (at the beginning of the course). This is not a certified marathon course.

Hatcher Pass 50 Mile! This course will start at Hatcher Pass Lodge (the official finish) and run down to the marathon start in Willow before turning around and running the course back up to the finish. If you’re good at math, you will know this is not an exact 50 mile course, it’s really back to back marathons for a total of roughly 54 miles. Relay teams will also be allowed to register for and run the 50, with the same exchange points and each runner running two legs of the race; one down, one up.


Marathon Aid Stations:
There will be 6 aid stations

Aid stations will include water and some food, please do not rely on the aid stations for your fueling/hydration needs

Mile 4.5
Mile 9 – exchange point
Mile 13
Mile 17 – exchange point
Mile 20
Mile 23

50 Mile Aid Stations:

As the 50 mile course is an out and back participants will hit each aid stations twice starting at aid station mile 23 (see marathon aid stations above).


50 Mile & Relay:
6.5 hour cutoff to the marathon start (11:30am)
15 hour cutoff to the finish. (8:00pm)

Marathon & Relay:
You will have 9 hours to finish!

2024 COST

 Marathon Individual Runner
$90.00 Early Bird
$110.00 (January 1st – June 15th)
$125.00 (June 16th-July 20th)
Marathon Relay teams
$175.00 Early Bird
$195 (January 1st – June 15th)
$210.00 (June 16th-July 20th)

50 Mile Individual Runner:
$110.00 Early Bird
$130 (January 1st – June 15th)
$145.00 (June 16th-July 20th)

50 Mile Relay Teams:
$190.00 Early Bird
$210.00 (January 1st – June 15th)
$235.00 (June 16th-July 20th)


3 person relay only 

*only teams of 3 will be eligible for finisher awards

MARATHON Approximate mileage per relay leg : 

First Leg:  9 miles 

Second Leg: 8 miles

Third Leg:  9.2 miles

MARATHON Exchange Points:

Mile 9 and Mile 17

50 Mile Relay:
Each person will run two legs. One down the mountain, one up the mountain

Timing & Bibs:

The relay teams will receive one final time per team

Each member of the 3 person relay will wear the same bib number. The third and final runner MUST wear the timing chip for accurate results.


Parking is available but limited at all locations; i.e. start, exchange zones & finish. Carpooling is highly encouraged.

Parking Passes:
If you do not have an Alaska State Parks parking sticker, there is a $5 fee to park at the finish line at the Independence Mine State Historical Park “bowl” parking area.

Please use caution when pulling off of and back onto the roadway; be aware of other vehicles traveling at high speeds, off road-vehicles, and other runners.  

Do NOT block traffic following any runner, you WILL disqualified if you do so. There are plenty of pull outs along the race course that you use to wait for your team/runner. We will NOT be directing or stopping any traffic so please be aware of your surroundings. Vehicles have the right of way!

There will be no shuttle and every participant is responsible for their own ride/transportation from the finish line.


Not adhering to the below rules may result in time penalty or disqualification, it will be left up to the race organizers discretion.

Bibs: Bibs MUST be visible on the front of the body at all times.  If wearing layers be prepared to adjust your bib as needed.

Timing Chips: Your timing chip MUST be attached to your shoe or at the very least below your knee and uncovered. For relay teams the only person that will have a timing chip is the third and final runner of your team. We will provide twist ties for those who have quick laces or untraditional shoe laces.

Assisting Runners In Need:  If you encounter a runner in need of help/distress you must stop, not assisting a runner in need will result in disqualification.  Time spent giving assistance to another participant will be taken into account by race organizers to adjust finishing time.

Headphones:  Are not allowed due to the remote nature of the course and safety considerations.

Dropping Out: Runners may only drop at an aid station checkpoint.  In order to drop out find an aid station volunteer to record your drop.  This will help us avoid unnecessary search efforts. 

No Littering: Trash receptacles will be available at all aid stations. Please do not dispose of trash outside of the aid stations.

Sportsmanship: Poor Sportsmanship will not be tolerated toward any participant, volunteer or worker this can result in immediate disqualification.

Cutoff Times: There is a strict 8 hour cutoff time, if you think the course will take longer than that, you must start at the 6am early start time.

No Dogs: Although we would love to see everyone’s dog they are not allowed on the course due to safety for other participants, you and your dog.

Volunteers: Please thank any volunteer you see during your time at our event. They are simply amazing and make this race possible!


Required marathon and marathon relay:
16 oz Water
200 calories

Required 50 mile and  relay:
16 oz Water
400 calories
high viz. vest

Bear spray
Light Jacket

Temperatures can vary greatly in the mountains, be prepared for all weather events! We’ve had years will very cold temps as well as very hot. Please look at the weather for hatcher pass/summit lake before the start and be prepared for potential changes!




All Races:
We will be taking any drop bags for participants at the start and transport them to the finish line. Bags MUST be weather proof and marked with your name. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

50 Mile/ Relay:
We will take drop bags  to the marathon start and back to the finish line,  If you need anything at half way point.


Volunteers who help with any of our summer races June-August will receive a race t-shirt and a AKtive Soles $25.00 gift card!

Email to become a volunteer for this or any AKtive Soles race!


Email with any questions you have.


In order to maintain our permitted number of participants on Hatcher Pass Road, the following MUST be adhered to:

There are NO pacers allowed for the marathon.

One (1) vehicle per Relay team is allowed to drive along the course to exchange runners at the designated exchange aid stations. NO pacers are allowed for any leg of the Relay.

One (1) pacer and one (1) crew vehicle will be allowed per participant of the 50. Pacer MUST wear the designated “pacer” bib at all times while on the course and is not permitted to run more than 30 total miles. Pacers may meet/drop their runner at any of the designated aid stations.

Crew vehicles must use pull out areas along the roadside to check on their runners. Absolutely NO following runners and impeding traffic. This action may result in runner disqualification.


We have partnered with Wander Project to help you do more with our Hatcher Pass 50M, Marathon and Relays!
We are bringing charity bibs to these events to help you turn your passion into purpose.
How does a charity bib work?
A charity bib is a free entry into the race, in exchange for helping raise awareness and funds for an organization of YOUR choice. We have already identified some nonprofits that are doing amazing work including The Wilderness Society, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Rising Hearts, Team Semper Fi & America’s Fund, and Bigger Than The Trail. And we’re working on a few more right here in Alaska!
However, if you have a cause that already inspires you to do more, you can choose them as the organization you are raising funds for right at registration!
Once you register for a charity bib (which is separate from the regular registration), you will be automatically prompted to set up a fundraising page through Wander Project’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform. From here, Wander Project will give you a whole host of tools and resources (including meet-ups, one on ones, templates, and more) to engage your friends and family
throughout your fundraising journey. This means you’ll have support from Wander Project at every step of your fundraising process as you raise funds for your selected charity!
Fundraising minimum commitments for these events are as follows:
  • $1,250 Marathon and Marathon Relay
  • $1,500 50 Mile and 50 Mile Relay
The percentage of the funds that will be allocated to the nonprofit of your choice depends on the partnership agreement we have with each organization and spans from 65-80% of the net total raised.
By signing up for a charity bib, you are making a serious commitment to raise the amount you agreed to. If you are not able to meet the minimum fundraising amount by the week of the race, you will be required to pay the difference. All donations are final.
Once you raise your minimum commitment, you will receive a code to register for the event through Ultra Signup.
We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Hatcher Pass events.
Let’s turn our passions into purpose and make a difference in the world!
Still, have a question about how this works? Drop Wander Project’s Director of Community Engagement a line at

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