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    Family Owned, Locally Operated Small Business

    Family Owned, Locally Operated Small Business


    A Vision for Alaska

    Proud to be voted a Best Running Store in America of 2024!

    AKtive Soles opened its doors in 2007 with a mission to promote an active lifestyle so we can be the best version of ourselves. Personal foot analysis and shoe fitting enable our clients to get active and stay active.

    We believe that if your feet are happy then you are happy!


    Anne Thomas, Owner and Certified Pedorthist

    Dr. of Physical Therapy: Anne likes camping with her boys, giving back to the community and is perfectly capable of fitting 30 hours into a 24-hr window with energy to spare.

    Heidi, Buyer and Race Director

    Heidi likes to support runner's dreams, log more miles than you thought possible and can consistently be heard saying "it'll be fine."


    Carrie, Purchasing Assistant

    Carrie runs like a strong katabatic wind. She likes playing hockey and hanging with her dogs.

    Xavier, Wasilla Store Manager and Marketing

    Xavier is a cow fanatic hailing from Wisconsin. He is like an all terrain vehicle - he will throw down speedy miles anywhere!


    Mackenzie, Palmer Store Manager

    Mackenzie digs dogs, crushes camping and bends barbells.

    Caelyn, Sales Associate

    Caelyn loves flying, driving her truck and playing music. She's often found with a smile on her face!


    Josh, Sales Associate

    Whether it's in the kitchen or on the trail, Josh is cooking.

    Deakan, Sales Associate

    Deakan has a green thumb, dirty trail shoes and smelly ski boots.


    Corbin, Sales Associate

    Corbin can be found on skis, in the mountains or on the water.

    Coby, Sales Associate

    From the trails to the water, Coby will be cracking jokes.


    Stephen, Sales Associate

    It doesn't matter what the surface is, Stephen will be running on it.

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