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  • Which Type of Runner are You?

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    Which Type of Runner are You?

    With just 10 seconds of running, we can measure over 60 data points. These comprehensive results are beneficial for figuring out what type of runner you are. No, not slow or fast, but rather which gait category you fall into.


    If you think about it, running is one of the few sports that we aren’t taught how to do. We just… do it. At first we crawl, then we walk, and eventually we run. As we grow up, running just happens and we don’t really think about it. Going for a run five days a week is like playing a pick up game of football, basketball, volleyball, etc. five days a week. However, for those sports, there are drills to work on, technique to practice and repetitions for muscle memory. Running often isn’t like that. So that means over the years you’ve likely developed a bad habit or two with your running form and chances are you’ve been injured at some point or will become injured.


    That’s where we come in. We want to help you Get AKtive and Stay AKtive and we do that with our advanced video 3D Gait Analysis. We get the results in real time to know whether you fall into the category of collapser, overstrider, glute amnesiac, bouncer or weaver. After determining this, you will be provided with exercises that are specifically designed to help strengthen your body to make your running gait as efficient as possible.


    For our intro offer, an individual session is $205. You will get one on one attention with Anne, Certified Pedorthist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Level 1 and 2 RunDNA Gait Analyst, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. She will help break down the various metrics and help you reach your goals. If you are still interested in having a 3D Gait Analysis done, but don’t want to pay $205, grab a few friends and get a reduced rate! Parties of 3-5 will be charged $100 per person! To get set up with a free phone consultation, call either AKtive Soles location.


    Gait Analysis will be done at our Wasilla location.

    Palmer: 907-746-0600

    Wasilla: 907-376-0722



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